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Albergo Fontana - Via Goffredo Mameli 148, Verona (VR) 37124 Telefono: 045.8352615 - Mail:


Scopri Verona

Juliet: who are you, so hidden by the night, stumbling in my thoughts most hidden?
Romeo: I can not tell who they are by using a name. Because my name, beloved saint, is hateful to myself, because it is an enemy to thee. And yet I tear the paper where you had written.
“William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet”

World famous for having originated the legend of love between the Montagues and Capulets, Verona is a city surrounded by the immortal charm of the tragic story.
Splendid city of art, elegant by vocation and lively by nature, Verona offers to its visitors many attractions, historical sites, culinary and countless shows.
– How it all started
UNESCO World Heritage Site for its urban and architectural structure, Verona has built over two thousand years many artistic and historical periods elements.
The city’s history is still visible in the eyes, is indeed extraordinary preservation of Roman remains: from the famous Arena to the Roman Theatre, the Ponte Pietra over the Adige Triumphal Arch of Gavi. An open-air museum that bears witness to the important link of Verona to the Roman Empire.
Located at the intersection of Via Augusta with the Via Gallica and Via Postumia, it was a significant strategic and commercial center and had a great cultural and artistic development.
We can not still talk about Verona without mentioning the important Lordship of the Scaligeri (or della Scala) who ruled for over 125 years and that gave prestige to the city thanks to the important interventions such as the beautiful Castelvecchio, the Scaliger bridge and the many residences located on the territory.
In 1405 is the same city to want to come under Venetian rule, secure the power and value that the Serenissima would have given Verona. And ‘the period of Renaissance palaces, artistic wealth and the start of construction of the Palazzo della Gran Guardia.
After Napoleon’s conquest was later annexed to the Habsburg Empire and became the capital of the defensive system of the Quadrilateral with the strengthening of the line of the walls. Became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1866, Verona has always been confirmed as one of the main cities of the north of the peninsula.